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Young Adult Ministry in a Time of Pandemic

By Wayne Topp, Director of Young Adult Ministry
Life has certainly changed over the past couple months, and ministry to young adults is definitely not an exception. On Thursday, March 11th, the Office for Young Adult Evangelization and Discipleship was about to make their final preparations for one of their biggest events of the year, Behold.
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Reflections in a Time of Sheltering in Place

Fr. Bill Dorrmann shares a reflection about his "New Normal"
The Covid-19 Virus first came to my attention as our St. John’s Parish Pilgrims (St. John the Baptist, Harrison) were boarding a flight on our return home from San Salvador. We formed a twining covenant with two churches there and we make a yearly visit to see our sponsored students, pastors, and parents. While in the boarding line, a woman randomly took temperatures and provided everyone with information about the COVID-19 virus. Hearing that it originated in China, I thought very little about how that may affect us.
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