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A Student Perspective On COVID-19

A Student Perspective on COVID-19

Emma Hudepohl, a student at Wright State University and the Catholic Campus Ministry, reflects on COVID-19.

Being a student during this time has taught me to appreciate a lot of things in my life… including a good syllabus. You know that big 15-page packet that your professor wants you to print and read before your first day of class? It normally gives an outline of due dates and tells you exactly what you should expect from the semester.  I am not sure if it was just my professors, but this whole pandemic and stay at home order were not included on any of my syllabi.

Plans change and I know that, but I honestly never would have thought that plans were going to change this much.  I did not think that the next Sunday Mass I would be going to would be in my living room on my computer screen.  I never would have thought that I would be doing online clinicals. Until now, I did not think it was possible to do nursing school fully online. I was wrong.  It is hard to let go of the plans that we have made, but I know if you give that time to God, He will not waste it.  For me, I have been given this time to enjoy with my family. I get family dinners, family movie and game nights, and many walks with my dog which are a blessing even if they weren’t part of the original plan. 

I think as a college student it is very interesting to watch what everyone is doing during this time. It is especially intriguing to see how it affects the career you are entering. Nursing and medical students are seeing what it truly means to be in the healthcare field and to serve your community. I am beyond thankful for all hospital workers and everyone that is keeping us safe. For the education majors, teachers are having to recreate lesson plans so as to effectively continue the education of their students. I am very thankful for all of the professors that have worked so hard to make adjustments and continue to educate their students in this situation. 

I know this time has not been easy on anyone, but I know that there is so much good coming out of it too.  We have this time to be creative, learn something new, and maybe even have a dance party!

The Catholic Ministries Appeal provides funding to support Catholic Campus Ministry at the University of Cincinnati, Wright State University, and Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

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