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We are excited to announce that the Archdiocese will be partnering with GiveCentral to bring you #GIVECatholicAOC on Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020. Parishes, schools, and Catholic non-profit organizations will once again have the opportunity to raise funds online for their own local needs.

The Giving Tuesday website, with up-to-date leaderboard, can be found at:

For questions about #GiveCatholicAOC, email Teresa Meyer at [email protected]

Participating Organizations

Important Information about Giving Tuesday

The link below provides a document that outlines information about: Advanced Giving, Prize Awards & Rules, Receiving Donations & Fees, and Assessment Waiver for Parishes.

Graphics & Bulletin Inserts
Training Webinars & Resources

Social Media and Marketing for #GIVECatholicAOC

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Are You Ready? Checklist for Giving Tuesday!

Thursday, November 19 at 1:00 p.m.
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GiveCentral Training Resources
"Assessment Waiver" for Parish Donations

The Archdiocesan “assessment waiver” for parish donations continues to apply for online donations made on Giving Tuesday through the GIVECatholicAOC website.

The same criteria applies as the past two years for donations to be eligible for the assessment waiver:

  1. Donation is made online through the GIVECatholicAOC platform, powered by GiveCentral, via credit card or EFT.
  2. Donation is made on Giving Tuesday, December 1 (12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.).

Offline donations added to the GiveCentral system, such as checks received at the parish, are not eligible for the assessment waiver. Tracking online donations is the most efficient and accurate way to manage this process.

For questions or additional information, please contact the Director of the Stewardship Department, David Kissell, at (513) 263-3381 or email [email protected].

Receiving Donations Made on Giving Tuesday

Donations made on Giving Tuesday will be processed by GiveCentral and deposited through the Archdiocese. Funds will be distributed by check to organizations within 10 business days after Giving Tuesday.

Note about Fees
Here is the break-down of transaction fees for the GiveCentral Platform:

  • ACH (Electronic Check): 0.4% + 0.38 per transaction
  • Visa/MasterCard/Discover: 1.4% – 2.9% (fees vary depending on card used)
  • American Express: 2.25%

Credit Card/EFT processing fees will be taken out before the distribution of funds, organizations will receive the Net Donation amount. However, with the GiveCentral platform, the fees are not finalized until the following month after a transaction is made.

In order to distribute funds within 10 business days, estimated transaction fees will be taken out before sending distributions. Once the final fees are known one month after the giving day, we will reconcile the fee amounts and send organizations a second distribution if the amount owed is greater than $15.

Special Thanks to all of our GIVECatholicAOC Sponsors!
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