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How Is Your Day Going?

How is your day going?

I recently ordered a soft drink at an airport restaurant. The server asked, “How is your day going?” I replied that the day was going well. We were halfway to our vacation destination, and our connecting flight was on time. Before I could ask the server how his day was going, he gave me a high five, and said I was the first person to actually respond to his greeting. We chatted briefly and as I returned to my seat, he said he hoped our interaction might be the re-set for his day — perhaps others would acknowledge him during his long day at work. 

I thought about the server often that day, said prayers for him and others who feel un-appreciated or ignored. And I thought of all of us, Christians who are called to make Christ’s presence known through the good stewardship of our time, attention, prayer, talents, and resources. 

We may not feel we have much to give, and yet we never know how God may work through us! What may seem a small and quite ordinary moment may be extraordinary in the eyes of another. How are you called to make a difference in someone’s life? How will you steward your gifts in order to do so?

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