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Seminary and Vocations

Mount St. Mary’s Seminary & School of Theology, located in Cincinnati is the premier center of Catholic formation sponsored by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. In addition to seminarian education, Mount St. Mary’s Seminary & School of Theology offers diaconate formation and lay pastoral ministry programs.

This year, 47 graduate-level seminarians and 9 college-level seminarians are in formation for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Your prayers and much needed financial support makes a meaningful impact on those working to fulfill their vocation in the Church.

Your CMA gift supports the education of our spiritual leaders, changing the lives of those called to serve … thank you!

Your support of the CMA impacts thousands of lives in our local communities!
Charities and Social Services
Catholic Charities &
Catholic Social Services
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Retired Archdiocesan Priests
& Senior Clergy
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Campus, Hospital, and
Prison Ministries
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Seminary & Vocations
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St. Rita School for the Deaf
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New Evangelization
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